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National Day to Empower Teen Parents

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The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is coming upon us once again.  Now, I'm all for preventing unwanted pregnancies, but I am not pleased with the way the NCPTP slanders teen parents and tries to keep them down in order to further their cause.  Previous ad campains have used the words "Dirty", "Cheap", "Useless" , and "Nobody" to describe teen parents.

All parents need support, especially those for whom the odds are against.  There are so many issues facing teen parents that make just being able to care for their children difficult. Lack of access to affordable childcare and flexible schooling, limited financial resources,  and unstable relationships are just some of the many obstacles that a teen mother might be up against.

I propose that on May 2, (or the weekend following) the same day the NCPTP is held, that we hold a counter event in Vancouver, BC.  The International Day to Empower Teen Parents campaign should include information about pregnancy options (it WILL be a pro-choice event), support services for pregnant teens and young parents in the area, information on financial aid in the form of welfare, EI, and community service agencies.

I am a young mama myself, and don't have much financial resources available to me, but I'm very passionate about this and would like to make this happen.  If anyone would like to help in the organizing, help out at the actual event, or give suggestions on how to do this on a low budget, I'd like to hear from you.  If the response is big enough, I will be holding a planning meeting within the next 2 weeks.

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