missy (kittenjunkie) wrote in poorinbc,

Free Haircut!

My co-classmate is looking for a blunt bob model for our graduation strut, so if you have a bob or would like one for free, please comment and I'll send you her way. 

  • Appointment availabilities: Jan 16th-19th, 5:30-7pm.  My friend is bubbly, talented and lots of fun, and during this time she'll do your actual cut.  Class ends at 9:30, so you won't be out any later than that.
  • Graduation Station: Jan 20th, call at 5:15 - to be appropriately dolled up for the show at 7:30
  • Address: 220 Cambie St - John Casablancas, at Water and Cambie streets.

The show itself, though necessary, is not a huge stressful deal.  You'll just be doing a little walk around the salon for the class and their cohorts, we will all love you and clap for you, and you get cake at the end.  It's really win-win.  Who's in?


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