Alli Cat (sunlit_mists) wrote in poorinbc,
Alli Cat

Certifying Doula - offering free labour support services

I am a DONA trained birth doula, who is looking to provide free labour support services in exchange for completing a short review of my services after the birth.
I have attended a number of births, previous to beginning my certification process.
I trained with the Seattle Midwifery school, and have completed an extensive Breastfeeding support course.

I believe every woman who wants a doula, should have access to a doula, and even after my certification is complete, intend to offer low cost/ sliding scale fees.

I offer,
Prenatal classes, including: how to prepare for birth, things to consider when choosing where to birth, and help with writing a birth plan.
Continuous support at your home or hospital, from the beginning of labour, through to the early postpartum period.
Breastfeeding support and encouragement, as well as referrals to community support when needed.
Support for the entire family, including dad, grandparents and other children.

For more information, or for answers to any questions, please respond to this post.

I am accepting clients immediately, and it is never too late to choose to have a doula !
I primarily focus on women planning to birth from Burnaby to Abbotsford, but will consider births in Vancouver if Mom really desires assistance.


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